The Aspen subdivision followed on the heals of Village Homes – some of the same builders, but with bigger homes and a less intentional community. There are a few larger homes, many moderately large homes with small ones tucked in among them – and there is Muir Commons – an original co-housing development (shared cooking and dinner companionship, anyone?). Enjoy walking paths next to a wildlife area, I challenge you to find the secret dog park.

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Built in the 1990s, this small, hidden subdivision features moderately large custom homes on moderately large lots. You drive through an older neighborhood to get here, once in Woodbridge, San Marino opens up to the Putah Creek Parkway and a big, grassy neighborhood park. You will find it downright livable and pleasant, plus you are close to the freeway (heading to Sacramento for work?) and Pioneer School. And the honorary mayor or Woodbridge tells me there is no friendlier neighborhood.

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Bring on the 1970s – not unlike its big brother Old Willowbank, this neighborhood offers generous lots, winding streets, beautiful trees. It is just a little smaller and a little newer…. there are some real gems here backing up to the Putah Creek Parkway. Some are remodeled, some are calling out for upgrades. Quiet, peaceful and unique, this is a choice option for living the good life in Davis.

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West Davis Manor

There is always a slight price premium on the West side…is that because it is a little more academic, and near the science side of UCD? Look for older homes in West Davis Manor (1970s) – larger lots, lovely trees. No big statements here, just really comfortable homes on quiet streets, close to UCD and Trader Joe’s.

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Senda Nueva

Take Sycamore Lane for a direct shot to UCD. This higher-density neighborhood offers comfortable and affordable homes. Many were built by John Ott in the 1980s – picture open floor plans and vaulted ceilings. Excellent access to the Covell Park greenbelts with some choice public art to enjoy along the way.

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Enjoy quiet streets, an extension of the Covell greenbelts, a beautiful wildlife pond, generally larger and comfortable, and often-custom homes (1988 – 2000). Private, peaceful and easy to live in, this would be a great choice for a family.

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Covell Park

Prime Davis location! I love the curved street and painted beauties on Anza. Home of the original greenbelt, these paths are well traveled and diverse. Homes are modest and of late 1970s vintage. Occasionally you can find a custom Whitcombe-built home with some unique mid-century aspects on a nice small cul-de-sac. There is a neighborhood of good small Streng homes. Take the bike path over Covell directly into central Davis and you will realize that Covell Park is really very close in.

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North Davis Farms

It’s too sophisticated to be a club…plain fabulous custom homes with names – Juniper House, Maple House – clustered around a park on one side, a pond on the other… get the feeling that Colorado might be just around the corner. This is a brilliant little development that will make you wonder why you would live anywhere else…if you can’t buy here, definitely develop friends who live here and visit them often.

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Royal Oaks

The hidden gem of Davis – off Valdora and very close to town, you will find small homes (John Ott “Big Feel” small home specials) and some gorgeous traditional larger homes. My favorite street here just may be Mariposa, where nothing ever sells.

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You’ve got your own sense of style and you don’t need to show it off. You keep to yourself just a little and love enjoying the trees and quietude of Oakshade. It’s in the county, not in the city, and there is a bit of that country feeling. Homes are custom built and beautiful. The Putah Creek Parkway runs through it. Well connected to Davis for walkers and cyclists, it is not far – it just feels that way. If a house comes on the market in Oakshade and you want to be here, consider taking action right away. It doesn’t happen often. read more

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