fall 2014 portrait JM

It’s easy working with me…

I want you to experience me as that kind and knowledgeable friend you always wanted, with an impeccable awareness of your needs and the drive to make things easy for you.

I have been a full-time, top-ranked residential Realtor in Davis for 10 years. In that time I have sold over 400 homes.

I love the tension and choreography of a real estate transaction; managing the interplay with buyer, seller, lender, appraiser, inspector, and title officer. Being a Realtor allows me full expression of my strongest skills.

Me: present, engaged, informed and watching out for you.
You: proceeding with minimum interference and maximum confidence.


We will find what we are looking for. It may be different than you thought it would be. The transaction will take its own course and hopefully we will be on time with your needs.

I am here to listen to you, to understand what you need, and to apply my expertise, energy and enthusiasm to making that happen.

I’m a straight shooter and I tell the truth, even if it may not be what you want to hear.
I strive to be an agent that other agents are eager to share a transaction with. This will improve your chances of getting what you want.

It’s important in real estate – as in all things – to keep a sense of humor. Let’s have fun along the way.

My Promise to You

My greatest strength, as simple as it may sound, is good common sense. I show up. I return your calls. I do what I say I will do. I take a stand for you. I work hard. And in the end, what I want most is for you to be happy.

What I need from you:jamie in the doorway ready

  • Tell me what you want and need
  • Tell me about your ideas, fears, or limitations
  • Be straightforward and honest with me
  • Keep an open mind and positive attitude about our ability to succeed
  • Ask me any question, even if you think it’s stupid, and even if you asked it yesterday
  • Exercise patience with the process as much as you can

What You Can Expect From me:

  • Tell the truth
  • Listen to you
  • Return your calls
  • Reflect thoughtfully about your situation
  • Make time for you
  • Answer your questions
  • Consider your needs and wishes
  • Clarify your options and suggest a course of action
  • Make things happen – in a cheerful, enthusiastic manner

My Beat

I know the neighborhood nuance; the stories and the history of Davis like the back of my hand. I have sold homes in Woodland, Sacramento and occasionally in Winters, but Davis is where I can offer the most distinguished service, and where I prefer to work.

My Personal Life

I came to Davis, then a population of just 2600, from New York as an infant. I grew up playing with a band of untethered neighborhood children in the streets of Davis.

I love music – I played the violin in orchestras and quartets, and sang in the Davis High School Madrigal Choir. These days I sing with the Davis Chorale.

I studied painting and printmaking at UCD. I enjoyed a few great adventures – working at Ben Baldwin’s polo stable in Maui; waiting tables in the dining room at Chez Panisse. I married my long time sweetheart Manfred Kusch and returned to Davis. We had a little family. Our first home was in Village Homes.

After a 23-year career in the flourishing software business, I happily discovered the business of real estate, and my passion for helping people sort out the HOME part of their lives. I love this business!

I try to find a few hours every week to work with Sue Morris at her Pilates studio. As much as I can I make meals from food that was lovingly grown by local farms and sold at our colorful Farmers Market. I love partaking in the amazing performances that the UCD Mondavi Performing Arts Center offers.

For me the greatest things in life are simple – a hike in Pt. Reyes, a wine adventure in Healdsburg, a well cooked meal with friends accompanied by laughter and story telling, the summer months that our granddaughters spend with us, enjoying all Davis has to offer for children. I notice that simplicity is a rare commodity in our crazy lives.
I relish occasional overseas adventures – a consummate cooking adventure with Peggy Markel, or a visit to Rancho la Puerta for a week of fitness and friendship.

My husband and I live along Putah Creek with our dog Chico, a few miles outside of Davis. For 25 years Manfred has been developing a bird habitat where he has seen about 55 breeding species. Naturalists from UCD have banded over 1000 hummingbirds in our back yard. Putah Creek provides precious and rare riparian woodland, a natural respite from the intense agriculture and development of this rich California valley.

I am truly lucky to have spent so much of my life in this timeless, colorful little town with its predictability, its local politics, the underground buzz of invention and discovery. I ran into a friend at a YoYo Ma concert at the Mondavi, and she said, “I cannot believe I am sitting out here in the middle of a corn field listening to YoYo Ma!“ And it is true. Amazing things happen here.