“Jamie, you were magnificent!” – Daniel and Sarah Hrdy

“Jamie Madison is the best realtor imaginable. She knows Davis backwards and forwards: the neighborhoods, the people, the housing market. [She also knows people:] She understood our family immediately and was able to help us find a house that felt like home. Jamie really cares about her clients and works fiercely on their behalf. With her calm demeanor, abundant experience, and attention to detail, Jamie helped us navigate a tight market with minimal stress. From successfully managing a bidding war, to orchestrating a complicated closing while we were 5000+ miles away, Jamie worked 110% to help us get our new home. After we moved in, she has remained an excellent resource for referrals. Everyone loves Jamie Madison, so local businesses will go the extra mile to treat her clients right.  Buying a house includes many big decisions. We are so grateful to have worked with Jamie.  She’s simply the best.” – Claire Goldstein and Sven-Erik Rose

“Jamie took the time to get to know our family–our needs, interests, values–and brought that knowledge to bear in countless ways during our housing search. She helped us navigate the complexities of Davis house-hunting and home-buying with unparalleled skill and grace. Jamie’s a warm, responsive communicator and an incredibly savvy professional who understands the Davis market inside and out. We couldn’t be happier with the home we found, and we can’t imagine a more impeccable realtor than Jamie.” – Margaret Ronda and Tobias Menely

“Finding our home was just the beginning….Suggesting and helping with a letter to the seller,  meeting with city planners, researching building costs, setting up a contractor interview, attending  our inspections. There were many calls with advice, visits with news updates, strategy meetings …we felt like we were her only clients.” – Erin and John Brennan

“Buying a house from 300 miles away can be challenging. From finding us our home to coordinating contractors, Jamie got it done for us.  Jamie is honest, forthright and professional and her “can do” attitude always shone through, even after the close of escrow!  We were very thankful to have Jamie represent us! “ – Janice Kissel

“Jamie has a talent for preparing a property, a knack for connecting people and a work ethic that just won’t quit. Expect great results.” – Ruth and Martin Wilson

“I’m a real estate broker and I recently assisted my sister on the purchase of her new home and, soon after, sale of her prior one.  Both transactions ended up running concurrently, and quickly became complicated and nuanced.

We met Jamie as the listing agent for the home purchased, and decided to enlist her support on the home being sold, too.   On a professional level, Jamie is very bright, intuitive, rational and creative.  She has an excellent command of real estate and is uniquely skilled at thoughtfully navigating sophisticated transactions.   And, on a personal level, Jamie’s integrity, commitment, and compassion are clear.

We’re very happy with the outcome of both transactions, and highly recommend Jamie to others in need of her services.”   – Anthony Ruebner

“Jamie is one of those rare finds in the service world!  Her expertise in the Davis real estate world is second to none.  Couple that with her passion and caring spirit and she is an absolute delight to work with.  Another talent is Jamie’s ability to find your ideal HOME!  She is an active partner to that end, a great listener and advocate, and has a demeanor that is comforting and reassures you that she is on your side.  It was a joy to find our Davis dream house and share that experience with Jamie at our side!”   – Dan and Sandy Sperling

“We had a chance to work with Jamie while looking at properties in Davis, CA. Since we are from North Carolina, her knowledge of the neighborhoods, school districts and city ordinances were invaluable. Most importantly, she always had our best interest in mind and never tried to push any properties on us…in fact, she often recommended we wait on a property to find the one that best met our needs. I would highly recommend working with Jamie since she has high integrity, a warm heart and fun personality.” – Soon Yu and Christine Yu

“I’m an agent in Davis, and never have I seen a realtor go so above and beyond for a client. Usually we’re in intricate part of the closing process because insurance is always required. Jamie recently had a cash only home purchase. In talking with her client after escrow closing, she found out that they had not put together home insurance for their new property. Instead of just recommending that they put something together, and maybe handing off a phone number, Jamie drove her client to sign up for the insurance they needed (sitting in our office for 45 minutes patiently while the client was helped). She went above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Davis.” – Insurance Office of Dave Scheiber

“Jamie Madison is the perfect realtor for the Davis area. Her knowledge of the local community is unparalleled. She understands the trends in the real estate market with insight that proved valuable every step of the way. She helped us get our home ready for sale, provided wise counsel around pricing, effectively promoted our home, and listened carefully to our concerns as sellers and later buyers. She was always professional, proactive, and responsive when needed, while always exuding great confidence and personal warmth.” – Mark and Nancy Servis

“Jamie is a pleasure to work with!  She does her due diligence and is very knowledgeable about every aspect of the real estate process.  We found her to be actively engaged, very reliable, professional, and personable.  She brought us a buyer right away!”  –Sylvia Lopez Schaefer and Dr. Saul Schaefer

“Jamie is a real estate professional in the fullest sense of the word. She was remarkably skilled in listening to us and translating our preferences into a set of candidate homes that could fit our needs. We had a protracted search while we rented for two years, and at no point did we feel rushed into making an offer. When we did make offers, it was only after receiving good counsel about comparable sales and the pros and cons of each property. Jamie is a respected, experienced agent in Davis and came highly recommended by two of my colleagues at work. For her clients, her experience and personal network translates into incomparable access to early listings and great intelligence about properties that may soon enter the market. Her relationship with other agents in the region was immensely helpful when we expanded our search to Winters and Vacaville. Finally, when we entered negotiations on an older country property, we benefited tremendously from Jamie’s extensive network of home and pool inspectors, contractors, and handymen. We have bought and sold numerous homes in the last 30 years and our experience buying in Winters ranks as one of the best. We owe Jamie much of the credit for that and recommend her highly to prospective buyers and sellers.” – Shannon and Randy Anderson

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